Toyota sets goal to have entire lineup electrified by 2025

Toyota is ramping up to have its entire model lineup to have electrified powertrains by 2025. By 2030 Toyota expects to sell more than 5.5 million electric vehicles annually around the globe. Out of that 5.5 million in annual global sales Toyota expects 1 million zero-emissions vehicles to be sold. If this goal is met, expect about 50% of all the Lexus and Toyota models to have some electric variant. Many countries are trying to improve air quality and reducing fossil fuel usage and Toyota sees this as an opportunity. Therefore, no new model development will be developed without an electric powertrain. Toyota isn’t the first company to set this goal of electrification. Volvo has said that all of their models beginning in 2019 will have an electric motor.

Toyota has invested a significant amount of research and development into hybrid, hydrogen fuel-cell, and all-electric powertrains to meet this goal of 2025. By the early 2020s, Toyota will be begin rolling out more than 10 electric vehicles, starting in China before hitting the streets in Japan, Europe, and North America.

This electrification ambition they’ll need lots of batteries and better batteries. Toyota has teamed up with Panasonic to develop better batteries that squeeze more voltage with fewer cells. Toyota hopes to figure out how to get more energy density out of the battery while reducing weight and keeping overall size and costs down. Another issue is infrastructure, how to build a charging network and a battery recycling and re-use system? There are plans to find right partners to help collaborate and promote both hydrogen fueling stations and EV charging stations.

Speaking of hydrogen fuel-cells, Toyota is hoping to have offer a wide range of hydrogen powered vehicles in both their commercial and consumer vehicle lineup by the early 2020s as well. Toyota has not forgotten about the Prius either, their first hybrid. The newest technology Hybrid System II is currently powering the Prius, but a new and improved powertrain is currently in development and may appear in other models down the road (Toyota GR HV Sports Concept). Toyota remains committed to expanding its hybrid lineup.