VW’s Electrify America EV chargers coming to Walmarts

VW’s Electrify America plans to install its EV charging stations at several Walmarts across the country. It will initially start with installing the EV chargers at 100 Walmart locations in 34 states by June 2019 and expand to more locations. This is the first investment funded through Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal settlement (Dieselgate), which Electrify America is being forced to spend over the next decade. Electrify America through the settlement has $2 billion to invest in EV infrastructure and community outreach programs. Plans are to have by the end of 2019 over 2,000 charging stations across nearly 500 sites

The DC fast charging system will charge an EV adding an estimated 20 miles of charge range per minute. The charging system will use cooled cables that deliver 150-350kW of power.

Meanwhile, the partnership with VW’s Electrify America and Walmart will make the large retailer one of the leading electric vehicle charging station hosts in the country. Having a charging station located at Walmarts will help make slow shift to EVs a lot more convenient to many.

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