Watch out Tesla Semi here comes the Thor ET-One big rig

Tesla had a big unveiling of its all-electric semi truck in November. Since that unveiling Tesla has been on a roll with big orders coming in for their all-electric big rig. Now, California based startup Thor Trucks is looking to add some competition to the Tesla Semi in this lucrative yet developing market for battery powered big rigs. The ET-One is a Class 8 cargo hauler with up to 80,000 lbs of towing capabilities. The company is touting its electric motors will have up to 30 percent more power than a common diesel powered semi truck, plus range options up to 300 miles.

Thor says their ET-One was designed through fleet operator and truck driver feedback.  It is intended for short-haul and regional routes. Similar how Tesla marketed the Tesla Semi, Thor says that their all-electric powertrain will reduce the overall cost of ownership by reducing maintenance and per-miles driven cost, when compared to a diesel truck. Being designed with the driver in mind, Thor has included traditional mirrors that help complement the cameras on the monitor displays in the rig.

Expect deliveries of the Thor semi truck to begin in 2019 with pricing starting at $150,000 USD. Its hard to say if this delivery year will be met, as with many startups this truck is a bold idea and faces a lot of skepticism. You can build one model to show off for the unveiling to potential investors, but as we learned from China and the bus that drives over traffic, disappointment, hype, and investments does not lead to fruition of an actual usable product.